Jam Tomorrow Through The Looking-Glass!

Jam Tomorrow is the marketing and advertising consultancy we recently created to help anyone who requires something a little different and unique. The consultancy is run by a small team of highly motivated and dedicated individuals Simon calls “The Firm”. Jam Tomorrow’s primary obligation is to The Raw Guitar Co. After all, they create all our marketing material and deliver on deadline every time! “Pink” and "The Little T&A's" are two assignments that showcase their flair and imagination. If those two examples have whetted your appetite, our Rogues Gallery page is worth a look too.

“The Firm” and Jam Tomorrow
They are a little idiosyncratic which is why we love working with them!

Promotion is also an integral part of Jam Tomorrow’s business. They create all our promotional material and manage our social media accounts. They are pretty good at it too! The rudimentary elements of advertising and promotion have not changed, regardless of social media technological advancement. Maximising and making your message stand out from the crowd is just as important today as it was thirty years ago when the billboard was king of the jungle. Guitar promotion has not changed much over the years, consequently, Jam Tomorrow love to buck the trend and their promotional “billboards” reflect their, and our, idiosyncratic outlook on life. “The Firm” also find time to work for other clients too. This advert is one of our favourite Jam Tomorrow creations.

We thought long and hard how to sign off this post, after much deliberation, we decided this promotional advert was rather apt. As always, many thanks for your time and continued support. RC