Jam Tomorrow's Pink Jamboree

As part of our quest to find the Lost Chord, I recently designed a guitar called “Pink”. She is based on two of David Gilmour’s favourite guitars; namely, his famous black ’69 Stratocaster and prized ’55 Esquire he calls “The Workmate” because of her worn exterior. After I had completed the final rendering, I showed it to my colleagues at Jam Tomorrow who suggested we try and capture the whole Pink Floyd experience with our marketing and promotional work. What could have been a momentary lapse of reason developed into something much more meaningful.

Jam Tomorrow’s Pink Jamboree
It’s Not Just The Guitars Anymore, If It Ever Was!

When I sit down to write about our latest design, the emphasis is mainly on the guitar and Raw Design Studios rather than marketing, promotion and Jam Tomorrow. With this post, I am reversing the trend because the promotional work; in my opinion, is more deserving than the guitar.

Jam Tomorrow have created a series of thought-provoking images that not only echoes the spirit of Pink Floyd, but their inspirational graphic designer, Storm Thorgerson too. They are also a social commentary of contemporary life. It may be thirty-five years and counting since Messrs Gilmour, Mason, Waters and Wright wrote and recorded together but the world as they saw it, remains the same today. Nothing has changed apart from technological advancement and hanging on in quiet desperation is still the English way.

You will have noticed that none of the images show the guitar they are meant to be promoting! We have posted “Pink” on our Facebook page if you wish to take a look. We deliberately left out the guitar because you all know what she looks like! It’s not just the guitars anymore, if it ever was! As always, thank you for your time and support. SR

Battersea Power Station Photograph By Mark A Paulda