That’s The Way It Ought To Be

While watching the live DVD of Celebration Day and applauding Mr Page as he strutted his stuff at the O2 Arena, I wondered whether I could design something that echoed Jimmy’s favourite guitars. After numerous attempts I finally found my “Zoso”.

My favourite of all Jimmy’s guitars is the Danelectro 3021. Therefore, the body, pickguard and headstock are pure Nathan Daniel but that is where the similarities end. I added “PAF” humbucker pickups and a Gibson style selector switch, control knobs and fretboard inlays to reflect Jimmy’s trademark Les Paul. I was intrigued whether Danelectro and Gibson could compliment one another!

Designing “Zoso” was purely self-indulgent and was nothing more than a design marketing exercise. Having said that, I am thrilled at how she turned out and; with appropriate investment, has the potential to be something very special indeed. If any manufacturer is reading this page and is thinking about producing something different, “Zoso” could be the guitar you have been looking for. As always, thank you for your time. SR

"Zoso” (That’s The Way It Ought To Be)!

Inspired By The Music Of Mr Jimmy Page, His Danelectro 3021 & Gibson Les Paul Guitars.