The Sweet Little Angel (Lucille’s Saucy Little Sister)

“I’ve got a Sweet Little Angel, I love the way she spread(s) her wings”.

The same could be said of the guitar too! The Sweet Little Angel is my tribute to the “King of the Blues”, B.B. King. We all know Mr King only has eyes for Lucille, however, I bet my bottom dollar he would love to play her Saucy Little Sister too!

Inspiration for this design came from seeing an old photograph of Mr King playing an early Gibson Les Paul Gold Top. I have always wanted to design something based on a black Les Paul because the model and colour hit all the right notes, commercially speaking. The problem was coming up with an idea that ticks all the boxes!

Designing Lucille’s Saucy Little Sister was purely self-indulgent and was nothing more than a design marketing exercise. Having said that, I am thrilled at how she turned out and why I decided to put her on our website. As always, thank you for your time and support. SR

(I’ve Got) A Sweet Little Angel

"If My Baby Should Quit Me, I Believe I Would Die"

Quotation: Sweet Little Angel by Lucille Bogan, Jules Bihari & Riley B. King.
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