Prowling With The Bishop

A little while ago our good friend, Gary Grainger, invited us onto his award-winning Blues Show on Bishop FM to talk about our plans for the future. We suggested to Gary that it might be entertaining if we asked Mitch Laddie to join us in the studio. Mitch is an integral part of our development team and was delighted to join us. Mitch brought along “The Prowler” prototype guitar that he has been road testing for the past few months. He had been playing the guitar on his recent tour supporting Walter Trout and subsequently “fallen in love with her”. After a little chat about the guitar Gary asked Mitch if he would like to demonstrate the tone and clarity of the Bob G. Harrison made “Stegosaurus” and “Vigilante” pickups. After he played some tasty slide riffs, Gary thought it might be fitting if the listeners then heard the guitar being played on a couple of well-known songs. Given that they hadn’t rehearsed at all, the two songs, “Love you like a man” and “Jesus just left Chicago” with Gary on acoustic guitar and vocals sounded pretty good to us. As always, many thanks for your time and continued support. SR