About Us

We are a little different, probably unique within the industry. We do not make or sell guitars. We are a design and marketing studio tuned, usually, but not always, in the key of E! We love creating commercially orientated guitar concepts that we think any manufacturer would love to take on board.

Our work is often described as being nostalgic. That is not entirely true. We like to think we are working backwards towards the future. Our motto of "Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue" is also our mantra. It’s true we love the old guitars from days gone by when design was new, experimental, rebellious and Raw! We try and capture that spirit adding a little contemporary feel along the way.

We don’t just design guitars. We generate marketing concepts too. We have been told we are pretty good at it! Consequently, we created a marketing consultancy called Jam Tomorrow. It is committed to helping anyone who requires something a little different and unique.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and that it gives you an insight into who we are, and how we work. If we can be of help today, or any time in the future, please do get in touch.

We Have A Head Full Of Ideas And The Passion To Match.