My Bother Jake (The Back Street Crawler)

This was another design exercise, truly self-indulgent, and my tribute to the late, great Paul Kossoff. I have always loved Free and their sound was; in no uncertain terms, due to Kossoff’s talented playing and his ‘59 Les Paul Standard. Please don’t think for one minute that Free was all Mr Kossoff. Andy Fraser, Simon Kirke and Paul Rodgers were all hugely influential too, and together, they wrote some of the greatest Blues influenced rock music ever recorded.

As a lasting tribute to “The Back Street Crawler”, I wanted to design a guitar that captured his soul and love of electric Blues. I wrote the word “design” but we all know who designed this guitar; I simply added a little Free spirit along the way! I think “My Bother Jake” is the perfect concept to compliment his beloved ’59 Standard. They do look good together! As always, thank you for your time and support. SR

“My Brother Jake” (The Back Street Crawler)

Inspired By The Music Of Mr Paul Kossoff.