Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Imagine it’s 3rd July 1960 and Muddy Waters with his backing band have been booked to appear at the Newport, Rhode Island, Jazz Festival. A week before the start of the festival, Bob and I get a phone call from Mr Morganfield asking if we could provide him with a guitar to compliment his trusty Telecaster to take on stage with him. Alas, it’s not 1960 and we can all dream. However, if we did get THAT phone call, this is what we would have given him, “Mannish Boy”. The guitar is inspired by our love of the Kay Vanguard, a solid bodied guitar that was popular back in the day. “Mannish Boy” is fitted with three Bob G. Harrison\Raw Guitar Co. “Vigilante”, humbucker/single coil pickups that Mitch Laddie is currently helping us develop, if only we had been around in 1960! SR

"The Mannish Boy"

Inspired By The Kay Vanguard & The Music Of Mr McKinley "Muddy Waters" Morganfield.

(Bob G. Harrison/Raw Guitar Co. “Vigilante” Pickups)