Prowling With Mitch

We recently met up with the hugely talented Mitch Laddie at this year’s Durham Blues Festival. Mitch got in touch asking if we would like to design him a guitar. Knowing that Mitch plays Stratocasters we took along “The Little Deviation”, a custom Strat Simon had just designed for Gary Grainger, and “The Prowler” prototype guitar we launched at Musikmesse 2012 for him to have a look at and play. Mitch loved both guitars but it was “The Prowler” that really caught his eye.

After Mitch had completed his sound check he picked up “The Prowler” and played the most delicious Blues you will ever hear. “Great tone, great sustain, remarkable volume and tone variation” was Mitch’s opinion. We were happy that Mitch liked our work and we look forward to working with him on our humbucker variant.

"Your guitar makes me want to play more Bluesy"