Ground Zero (The Blues Alley)

With this design, I have paid homage to one of the world’s most endearing Blues clubs, Ground Zero. Located at Blues Alley in downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi; Ground Zero Blues Club is the real deal when it comes to keeping the Delta Blues experience alive.

The club took its name from Clarksdale’s historical reference as "Ground Zero" for the Blues. With its mismatched chairs and fraying sofa on the porch, peeling paintwork, graffittee and patriotic pride; its décor, at best, can be described as sincere, at worst, authentic. It is a place where local musicians have a chance to work regularly and where patrons can relax and listen to the music.

Taking inspiration from the building and its cultural historic background, “Ground Zero (The Blues Alley)” is my tribute, not only to the club but also to the residents of Clarksdale and all who promote the Blues in and around the Delta. This exercise has been hugely enjoyable, creative and fulfilling because it allowed me to venture outside my comfort zone and create something totally different. For that reason alone, I am eternally thankful. SR

“Ground Zero (The Blues Alley)”

Dedicated To The Owners, Performers And Patrons Of Ground Zero Blues Club.

(Bob G. Harrison\Raw Guitar Co. “Groucho” Single Coil Pickups)