Your Questions Answered

The majority of questions we keep getting asked are related to our work; however, we have been asked slightly obscure ones too, for example, “Do you drink beer and eat fried chicken?” Let’s start with the question we get asked all the time.

Who are you?

We are an energetic team of designers, engineers, musicians and businessmen who have a passion for American culture and guitar design. Roger Clegg, Al Elias, Bob G. Harrison and Simon Raw pull the strings. Gary Grainger, Tom Killner, Mitch Laddie and Ian Siegal keep us all in tune!

When can we purchase your guitars?

We are a little different to most guitar companies in that we concentrate solely on conceptual design, research and development. We are a design studio, therefore, we do not make or sell guitars. Our objective, now that we are nearing completion of our initial design work, is to uncover a like-minded manufacturer who shares our vision and sanguinity. Thereafter, our designs can enter production and be available for you to purchase.

What made you choose the guitar business?

It was the obvious choice in which to showcase our creativity, individual talent and skills. The industry is changing and we want to play a part in its transition.

Your designs and presentation are highly distinctive. Was this your aim when you started?

Yes. For us it was not just about the guitars. When Bob G. Harrison came on-board he opened our eyes to American culture and history. Subsequently, we try and incorporate these elements into our work. The marketing of our designs is just as important as the guitars themselves. The majority of our work is conceptual; therefore, “selling” each and every concept is paramount to the success of each and every design we create.

You clearly have a love for the Blues and Americana. These topics are a constant theme in your work, was this intentional?

Yes. From the beginning we wanted to create a central theme in which our work can be presented and marketed. As far as we are concerned, the history of the Blues along with twentieth century Americana and guitar design, go hand-in-hand, therefore, it seemed logical to proceed with it.

You are obviously more than just guitar designers. What motivates you and where do you get your ideas?

To know that your work is admired and that guitarists want to purchase your designs is our greatest motivation. Simon is the creative force within the company and he’s inspired by what he sees around him and having a productive imagination.

What attributes does Bob G. Harrison bring to The Raw Guitar Co.?

Bob is a technical and engineering phenomenon. His ability to machine and create any prototype part or pickup is a joy to behold. His knowledge on pickup design and manufacturing play an integral part in our design work.

Your pickups are very individualistic and authentic. Was this your intention?

The pickup is one of the most important components on any guitar, therefore, we put just as much creative energy into our pickup concepts as the guitars themselves.

Would you like to design for Fender and Gibson?

Absolutely, who wouldn’t? That would be an honour.

What does the future hold for The Raw Guitar Co.?

We shall continue to expand our creative boundaries and endeavour to design instruments that you would like to own and play. The guitar industry is changing as more guitarists look to play what we have termed “Alternative Mainstream” guitars. Mainstream guitar design is still the dominant market. However, there is now an expanding market for guitars that offer the purchaser individuality coupled with a sense of tradition and style.