Liberty, Angst & Rock ‘N’ Roll

Here is something a little different! Three concepts that are symbolic of all we uphold and love: freedom, prosperity and self-expressionism.

Concept #1 Liberty

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. To mark the occasion, I wanted to design a guitar that is symbolic with the events that took place on the 9th November 1989. What I came up with was a concept called “Liberty”. I chose the name because, for me, it represents the key that unlocked the door of suppression, thereby, making rock and roll freely available to everyone.

“Liberty” was inspired by a Cold War era, Framus Strato Deluxe. This is a guitar I have admired before. What I love about this particular model are the colour schemes, metal body cover plates and the tortoise shell pickguard. For me, this guitar reflects the colours of the graffiti covered Wall and the sledgehammers used in breaking it down. I would love to take credit for this concept but the design belongs to Fred Wilfer and Framus. I simply added a little extra something along the way!


Inspired By The Fall Of The Berlin Wall And Those Who Made It Happen.

Concept #2 Angst

Kids love to use music as a metaphoric amplifier for vending their hormone-induced anger. For the majority of young budding guitarists and performers, it starts in the garage or basement. Writing songs, learning chord progressions and stagecraft, these locations are perfect “venues".

With respect to their fortitude, I wanted to give them their own badge of honour. After all, they are the future and prosperity of rock and roll. The concept is pure Mosrite. It had to be! I didn’t design this guitar, she designed herself - credit and reverence, therefore, belong to Semie Moseley. I just put a little “Angst” into the mix!


A True Badge of Honour!
Inspired By The Future And Prosperity Of Rock And Roll.

Concept #3 Rock N’ Roll (The Electric Guitar)

To honour all the great guitarists I have seen and heard over the past thirty years or so, I wanted to create something that is emblematic of the true essence of rock and roll: self-expressionism. What I came up with, or rather what I chose, was a guitar as old as “Rock N’ Roll” itself! This beautiful lady is now in her sixties, and like all timeless iconic designs, her stature will never diminish. We all know who designed her; I just highlighted her beauty!

“Rock N’ Roll” (The Electric Guitar)

Pure Self-Expressionism!

As you all know, the electric guitar is more than just an instrument. “Liberty”, “Angst” and “Rock N’ Roll” are not just marketing concepts. They are symbolic of all we uphold and love: freedom, prosperity and self-expressionism. If any manufacturer is reading this page and is thinking about producing something different, “Liberty”, “Angst” and “Rock N’ Roll”, could be the concepts you have been looking for. As always, thank you for your time and support. SR