Boom, Boom, Boom (60th Anniversary Gibson Gold Top Concept Design Project)

The iconic Les Paul Gold Top is one of our favourite guitars of all time. In 2012 she celebrated her 60th birthday. We couldn’t let the anniversary slip by without paying tribute to Gibson’s flagship model.

The initial problem we faced was how to approach the project without detriment to the original design. Out of the blue, Simon remembered that John Lee Hooker played a ’52 Gold Top. Consequently, he was intrigued to see whether he could design a custom signature Gold Top that is worthy of Gibson’s heritage. The result was “The Boogie Chillun’ Gold Top” with our very own “Breuer” single coil and humbucker pickups.

The “Breuer” conceptual range of pickups are the latest creation from Bob G. Harrison and The Raw Guitar Co. Simon came up with the concept last year when he was looking for a period pickup for our 1930s Juke Joint Collection and, having created the design, asked Bob if he would like to build a number of alternative prototypes for evaluation. One such option that he made was the rail humbucker. We instantly agreed that it would make a cool alternative or replacement pickup for mainstream guitars. Therefore, in order to illustrate our thinking, and as a fitting tribute, we came up with “The Boogie Chillun’ Gold Top”. The “Breuer” humbucker and single coil option are warm, toneful and very Bluesy. We would like to take credit for this guitar but the design belongs to Mr McCarty and Mr Paul. We simply added a little something along the way.

If you like what we have created please get in touch because we would love to hear from you. As always, thank you for your time. BR

"The Boogie Chillun' Gold Top"

Inspired By The Music Of Mr John Lee Hooker & His 1952 Gold Top.

(Bob G. Harrison/Raw Guitar Co. “Breuer” Humbucker/Single Coil Pickups)