Blue Jean Bop

Occasionally, I love to work on something totally off the wall and unique. This concept is no exception. “Blue Jean Bop” is my tribute to one of Italy’s greatest guitar designers and artists, Antonio Wandré Pioli.

I love Pioli’s work because he was so individualistic and unique. This year marks the tenth anniversary of his passing. Therefore, out of respect and admiration, I have attempted to recreate a contemporary reflection on one of his more traditional creations, the Blue Jeans Tri-Lam or “The electric guitar for amateurs” as she was advertised back in the day. This design exercise was extremely self-indulgent and hugely enjoyable because, once again, it allowed me to venture outside my comfort zone and work on something totally different.

If “Blue Jean Bop” ever makes production she will be driven by three adapted “Breuer” pickups that will generate as much tone and colour as the guitar itself. If any manufacturer is reading this page and is thinking about producing something different, “Blue Jean Bop” could be the guitar you have been looking for. After all, it is what Wandré Pioli would have wanted! SR

“Blue Jean Bop”

In Memory Of Antonio Wandré Pioli.

If you wish to know more about Wandré Pioli and his range of bizarre and wonderful guitars, the respledent Fetish Guitars website is highly recommended. In addition, you may also want to purchase Marco Ballestri’s excellent autobiography that has just been published by Anniversary Books entitled "Wandré – Life, Guitars and Works". SR